Smith, Ozman & Joseph's 

Event Planning 

Your Premiere Provider of Event Management Solutions!

Our Values

We constantly seek to achieve and maintain the highest standards of event management excellence in everything we do individually and collectively. We feel that we owe it to ourselves and to our clients to think, do and be excellent!

Ethics & Integrity
We actively promote and encourage ethical behavior paramount to none other. We recognize and uphold all laws and regulations relating to the ethical discharge of our responsibilities. We uphold the integrity of our company by always communicating internal and external statements in a truthful and accurate manner.

We remain loyal to our mission and values, and pursue our business objectives in ways that are consistent with our clients’ interest to achieve maximum results for the people who benefit from our work. Constantly aware of what our name means to our clients’, strategic partners, and vendors, we work diligently to associate with those who cultivate practices that advance our objectives so that together, we will reach our goal of having satisfied client’s for the long term, delivering exceptional service, and collective profitability.

Positive Results
We care about bottom line results, but not everything is about money and counting heads. Event planning and management is our passion and we realize that the customer experience is the ultimate bottom line. We partner with other
providers in specific industries to bring about positive change that sometimes can only be measured in smiles, hugs, and the good feelings that are created because of what we do.

Our Philosophy

We constantly look for ways to improve what we do for our clients, for the betterment of our company, and the communities in which we live and work. We don’t subscribe to the cookie cutter approach; never have and never will.  We study the unique requirements of each client and then develop a concise approach to meeting your event needs. Our infrastructure has been built with a team of the most qualified professionals with years of industry experience and the highest professional standards. The selection of our team members reflect the company's standard to retain only those individuals who demonstrate the highest regard and commitment to customer service and excellence in practice standards. 

Who We Are

SOJ Highlights

Our Culture

We are probably unlike any company you may have worked with in the past. Unlike many companies, we’ve had the benefit of working on the client side. This client-side experience helped shape our philosophy on establishing Smith, Ozman & Joseph’s.  So, when you talk to us, we know where you’re coming from. Like you, we’ve dealt with budgets, deadlines, and internal politics. We appreciate the difficulties when too many people are involved in the decision-making process. We know the sick feeling you get when billing for a project far exceeds what you expected. We remember the stress of missed schedules and the resulting frustration. 

That’s why we created a different company, based on these principles:

You personally, are our client. Our goal is to make you successful within your organization, association or company by meeting your objectives.

Your success comes from both of us first setting clear objectives and developing strategies to meet those objectives.

ŸThere are no surprises. Everything is estimated in advance. Billing is constantly tracked against estimates. Work follows agreed upon strategies.

​ ŸWe believe in constant communication with you. Information, good news and bad news should always be delivered immediately between us.

​ ŸHaving been clients ourselves taught us that to be a good event management company for you we must first be a good, well-organized, accountable business ourselves. Then and only then can we be a trusted resource for you, in a relationship that should last for years.

Our expertise has been profiled in national media outlets such as Savoy Magazine, Black Meetings and Tourism, and Association Trends.

Our event and meeting planning services have received accolades and awards from our clients for exceptional leadership and expertise!

Since opening, SOJ has designed and executed more than 600 meetings and events, from small Board meetings to 5,000 guests events.

SOJ orchestrates every element of the event; from budget creation to site selection, registration design to audio visual, speakers, and VIP service.

SOJ can plan events anywhere. Our team has orchestrated nationwide and global events of all sizes!

Our professionals draw on the finest local sources of event, lighting and technology to transform hotel ballrooms and convention centers into live experiences for you and your attendees.

For several years in a row, SOJ was named one of NJ's top event planners by NJ Biz Magazine.

Smith, Ozman and Joseph’s (SOJ) is a fearless team of talented event planners and producers who have a passion for their work. For over a decade we’ve created award winning events of all types for clients around the globe. As a professional event planning service, we are dedicated to providing high

quality event planning and meeting planning services to both the private and nonprofit sector.  Our focus is on excellence and we approach each clientwith a unique eye toward their respective needs.

SOJ has handled numerous accounts to include meetings and conventions for National and International associations and nonprofit organizations, universities, government sponsored events, and meetings within the corporate sector. Over the years, SOJ has managed a client portfolio whose events have an estimated economic impact of nearly $100 million.

Smith, Ozman & Joseph's has become a top-rated event planning service known for its' meticulous special events planning and creative ideas that transport participants away from their everyday lives.