Registration Systems

At SOJ, we utilize advanced technologies to ensure registration stays convenient and hassle-free for attendees, and as efficient and economical as possible for clients. We work with the leaders in registration system applications that can be integrated into multiple platforms and make it simple for customers to do everything from registering to developing and their own meeting agenda and finding fellow meeting attendees.  

Through the use of easy to use reporting templates and real time data, clients know the “real numbers” for the event and can make purchases based on accurate data. 

We know how to find the right registration management system for all types of meetings, events and conferences. Even if you already have a system you love, we can help you get the most out of the registration process or consult with you to explore
additional resources.

  • Registration Management Consultation
  • Pre-Event Registration
  • On-Line Registration Website
  • On-Site Registration Services
  • Ticket and Product Sales
  • Various ​Registration Technologies
  • Registration Staffing


Event Marketing & Registration 

The essentials to pull it all together!

Event Marketing

With advances in technology and multi-channel access, gone are the days when a simple flyer will drive business performance. Smith, Ozman & Joseph’s offers a full range of marketing services to promote and support successful events. We can develop and implement a reliable and unrivaled marketing plan that adds revenue to an events’ bottom line by enabling branding strategy programs. With our expertise, your events are effectively promoted from start to finish!   

We can increase sales and drive incremental revenue through various methods including online registration, attraction pages, web banners, signage, printed collateral, as well as, by developing relationships with local and national partners.

  • Event branding 
  • Event theme development 
  • Custom-designed websites
  • Direct mail promotions 
  • Digital invitations and e-vites 
  • Event advertising
  • Social media promotion 
  • Promotional items
  • Online event registration
  • Virtual events 
  • Event Tickets
  • Signage
  • Brochures

Our event marketing expertise and solid experience can help you deliver cutting-edge promotional campaigns that boosts

attendance and ensure your events’


Business & Creative Services


Excellent communications establishes a powerful foundation for an organization and its public. It shapes perceptions, creates images, builds credibility and maintains an organization's leadership role in today's rapidly changing and increasingly competitive world. 

Strategically integrated marketing and communications efforts differentiate you from all others and pave the way for success.   Our creative team has extensive knowledge and experience in analyzing, planning, and executing marketing and communications programs as an integral part of a meetings'  strategic plan.  We know the importance of every aspect and how it can impact the overall outcome of your meeting or event. Let us help you handle these additional details that dramatically change the effectiveness of your gathering:

  • Audience Response Systems 
  • Graphic Design
  • Electronic Documents
  • Souvenir Journals​


Smith, Ozman & Joseph's 

Event Planning