Smith, Ozman & Joseph's 

Event Planning 

The following includes a sampling of the many details that we handle as part of our meeting/convention planning and management services:

Every meeting is unique.  From selecting a site to developing the registration process, there are hundreds of variables that can impact the outcome of your meeting.  At Smith, Ozman & Joseph’s understand these variables and the effect they can have if the details are not handled with care and risks are not carefully managed.  As professionals, we keep abreast of the latest trends in professional meeting and convention management, and in understanding the idiosyncratic nature of meeting/convention attendees and what they have come to expect. ​Inherent in every gathering we plan is an analysis of prospective customers, needs, methods of operation, traffic patterns, and techniques for measuring success.  This intensive assessment will enhance our knowledge of your customer’s needs and assists us in doing a better job of delivering the right results!
  • Supplier Contract Negotiation
  • Budget Development
  • Rooming List Management
  • Food & Beverage Planning
  • Menu Development
  • Group Housing Coordination
  • Guest Amenities
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Development of Collateral Materials
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Speaker Agreements/Releases/Confirmation
  • Coordination
  • Registration System Design
  • Office Equipment
  • Planning Timelines
  • Guest Services Coordination
  • Security Arrangements
  • Shipping & Receiving
  • Signage
  • Floor Plan Design & Function Space Assignment
  • Tour Program Management
  • Convention Services
  • Logistical Coordination
  • Transportation Management
  • Entertainment
  • Audio Visual Coordination
  • VIP Arrangements
  • Photography
  • Translators

Meeting/Convention Planning & Management