Smith, Ozman & Joseph's 

Event Planning 

When you hire Smith, Ozman & Joseph’s you gain access to top-notch event and meeting planning talent whose mission is to accomplish transformative results for you! 

  • You gain access to high performance professionals with expert knowledge. Smith, Ozman & Joseph's is one of the leading event planning companies in New Jersey!


  • We understand and recognize the simple fact of life that you are busy. Whenever there is too much to juggle and insufficient time and resources to do it, Smith, Ozman and Joseph’s can be there when its crunch time!


  • You’ll have an event planning company that is focused on your needs and will provide superior service tailored to your needs.  


  • You can leverage our professional event and meeting planning expertise in the areas you need.


  •  You can conserve your staff time and use us to handle the details of your project.


  • Smith, Ozman & Joseph's knows the meetings and events industry and what you really should be paying for all the trimmings that will make your meetings and events successful. You won’t have to worry about whether you are getting a competitive price on supplier services.


  • Because of our experience in the hospitality industry, we know what to look for venues, the necessary content of supplier/vendor contracts and what doesn't belong, as well as what concessions should be made. We eliminate the headache of haggling over supplier service agreements.


  • With us on your team, you can focus on the core areas of your business while Smith, Ozman & Joseph's becomes your extra pair of hands!


  • We’re flexible and can work with staff and volunteers alike. We understand that meetings take on their own culture and require the need to adapt to schedules, communication styles, and even reporting configurations.


  • You need a partner, because when partnerships exist everyone works for the greater good.  Smith, Ozman & Joseph's is a great partner for you to have in your corner and we will work to ensure success in every aspect from start to finish! 

Why Hire Us?

When you need to get down to business,we’ll make sure you’re bottom line stays up!